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Harmony Marriage Bureau

Mrs. Nandini Dange is a well know Successful, Active, Educated Marriage Consultant, Match Maker and Counsellor. For 32 years, this is the routine Nandini, fondly known as Nanda has been following daily at Hamony Marriage Bureau, Pune. Nandini Dange owes her success to her husband Late Group Captain Suresh Dange. It sounds cliche but Nandini Dange quickly justifies, " It was during his several postings that I got the idea to start this venture.  I would often listen to senior officers wives complain about finding the right groom or bride for their children because of the constant travelling ".
In 1992, I started helping them out to find the right matches within the defence community. After four years, I started helping civilians too. Till date, I have had more than 75,000 customers registered and 25,000 profiles have been happily married. Nandini Dange matches souls across the country and globe. She patiently attends all her client's who visit her office. She sorts out the right files for her clients while attending phone calls and instructing her staff.
Profiles from High Political background, Big Industrialists, Celebrities, Leading Businessmen, NRIs, Defense Personnel, High Officials, Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals, Chartered Accountants, to the people from all the strata of society are members with Harmony Marriage Bureau. A wider and better choice of profiles which results into successful happy marriages.

Matchmaking for Women : India's Tradition And Beyond
In India, looking for marriage partner has long been a family affair, but with more women taking an active role in society,the method and priorities of the search are starting to change.

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