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Indian grooms project a movement in tradition and culture which expands and reaches the modern age. The search, touching upon indian nationality thru culture and caste, can never get deeper. Do you seriously want to connect for a better future and life patner?

Photo Name Age Caste Height Education Profession Link
Sharan Laxmeshwar 28 Brahmin 5' 10" BTech Planner view
Siddharth Pradhan 36 CKP 5' 7" BE Business view
Niranjan Tokekar 31 Sonar 5' 11" BE Business view
Shivanand Jog 26 Brahmin 5' 8.5" Web Designing Merchant Navy view
Atul Mahind 32 Maratha 5' 8" MS Software Developer view
Akash Bulbule 28 Maratha 5' 7" MS Software Engineer view
Rohan Sonawane 35 Nhavi 6' Bachelor of Design Managing Director view
Vaibhav Dudhe 32 Maratha 5' 7" Commercial Pilot Training Business view
Rohit Karve 36 Brahmin 5' 11" MCM Project Manager view
Rohan Ganage 30 Maratha 5' 10" BE Self Employed view

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